6 Best Tools to Manage Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Having a Social Media Presence is of Utmost importance to build a successful business. With so many Social Media Platforms and plenty of Social Profiles to manage, Social Media Optimization has become a task in itself We have prepared a list of 6 of the best Tools which will help you in managing your Social Media Profiles but will allow you to craft a better Social Media Marketing Strategy for not Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, and for as many channels as you want.
From tracking your Tweets to finding our Facebook’s Post’s Engagement, these Social Media Optimization tools do it all for you.

TweetDeck for Twitter Marketing

TweetDeck for Twitter Marketing

TweetDeck is a free tool that is build to manage your Twitter. The multi-column layout of TweetDeck helps you in running your Twitter Marketing campaigns. This free tool has been around for a long time and has helped many Marketers to establish themselves or their Business on Twitter Platform.
Twitter is a fast-paced platform where most of the news, if not all, is updated on Twitter foremost and then on any other channel.
Although TweetDeck doesn’t provide you with an Analytics Tool, you can make use of Twitter’s Own Analytics Tool. Anyone can have access to this Analytics Tool once they log in to their Twitter profile. You can use that Analytics tool to track down your engagement rate, top tweets, link clicks, likes, and replies. It helps you to have a birds-eye view of your Profile’s performance on Twitter.


Social Oomph for Social Media Marketing Strategy

SoicalOomph is a SaaS-based tool which allows you to manage and run your Social Media Marketing Strategy. Using SocialOomph, you can manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Plurk, and App.net. You can also integrate your SocialOomph with your Blog. Then, there will be an automatic update on your Social Media profiles everytime you Publish a blog on your website.
Most of the free features are available for Twitter, like Keyword Drafting, URL Shortener, and Twitter Purging. For managing Facebook Marketing and other Social Media Sites, you will have to buy a subscription. The Professional Plan costs $17.79 for a half month.


Buffer for Social Media Optimization

Buffer is a great tool if you want to Market on the most popular Social Media Channels. It lets you write and edit different content for your separate social media accounts. You can also set an option where Buffer shares your scheduled post during the best times of the day. Also, you get the basic Analytics where you can find out which post or tweet gets the most engagement.
You can use Buffer for free for limited features. The priced packages start from $10/mo. You only get the benefit of the cool Social Analytics feature when you buy a subscription for Teams and Agencies. For that, the price starts from $99 and extends to $399 for large Teams.


HootSuite for Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing

HootSuite is one of the best tools to manage your entire Social Media Optimization. Whether you’re a one-man army, a small team of professionals, or a big business, HootSuite has a plan for everyone. The company also offers you a training program where they teach you their Application via quick tutorials. They also teach you the Social Media Marketing Strategy for different platforms like Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing. Using HootSuite, you will find it very easy to schedule post around all your social platforms.
They provide you with complete analytics to track your social media engagement and other activities like link clicks. From there, you can easily progress and analyze your growth. You can also manage your entire team which you’ve added in your HootSuite with ease.
HootSuite’s starting package is Rs. 1,260/mo where you can manage 10 of your Social Media Profiles and add only 1 user. The plan extends forward where you can add a team of up to 10 people and manage 50 Social Media Profiles. Even though it’s a paid Application, most marketers agree that it’s worth the price you’re paying.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social for Social Media Optimization

Sprout Social is a little different from other Social Media Optimization tools. It comes with some additional functionality. They believe that there should be flexibility and ease of conversation between Business and Customers.
You can use Smart Search to find Keywords that your customers are using. From a marketing point of view, this helps you in figuring out the flow of trend of your Target Market. This alone makes Sprout Social a very effective tool for Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing. It allows you to plan and deliver effective Social Media Marketing Strategy. Other than that, you get all the other good stuff like scheduling posts, URL Shortener, etc.
The pricing of Sprout Social divides in 3 packages, which are Premium, Corporate, and Enterprise with $99/mo, $149/mo, and $249/mo respectively. The Premium Package lets you add 10 Social Profiles. Corporate Package allows you to add 15 Social Profiles. And, Enterprise Package allows you to add 20 Social Profiles.

HubSpot for Social Media Marketing Strategy

HubSpot for Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for a Social Media Optimization Tool that can give you some deep analytics about how your Social Media Marketing Strategy is performing on different platforms, HubSpot is the one for you. With HubSpot, tracking down the funnel becomes very easy. You can find out which channel is performing better than others in terms of engagement. You can also find out what posts of channels drive the most leads and sales.
With HubSpot, you can schedule, listen, and take part in social media conversations. All that makes Twitter Marketing and Facebook Marketing very easy.
Other than Social Media Optimization, HubSpot is a Content Management System(CMS) with the help of which, you can create a beautiful landing page. It also helps you in creating content and templates with responsive design.
If you want a hand in SEO as well, HubSpot can do that for you as well. It comes with a system for tracking Keywords, creating Blogs and managing your Search Engine Optimization Tactics. HubSpot also helps you in Email Marketing and comes with autoresponders, lead segmentation, and tracking.
HubSpot has various pricing packages for individuals and businesses of different needs. The packages go by the name of CRM Hub, Marketing Hub, and Sales Hub. All three packages have a free version which has limited features. Then, the packages start with $50.