SEO 2018: The Future of SEO Optimization

We have seen various updates in Google Search Engine in past few years. Whether it was Panda Refresh or Hummingbird, all of them have but one goal, to make Google Search Engine more relevant for users. With the continuous growth and development of Artificial Intelligence, it’s not easy to be precise about the updates of SEO 2018. However, based on Google’s past updates, we can make an educated assumption of where the future of SEO Optimization will lead to.


SEO 2018 The Future of SEO Optimization


SEO 2018: Readability

The Search Metrics ranking report discovered that sites appearing in the top 10 pages of Google Search Engine Result Page show an average Flesch Reading Score of 76. You need to make your content readable by the widest audience possible.

A Flesch score of 90-100 is understandable by 11-year-old students.  A score of 60-70 is understandable by 13-15-year-old students. And, a score of 0-30 is understandable by University Graduates.

Aim for the score of 90-100 and your webpage/blog page will rank higher on the Google Search Engine.

SEO 2018: Cleaner Backlinking

Go easy on the Free Link Building websites, especially those with lower Domain Authority. Or, you may witness a considerable drop in your Search Engine Traffic of your Website in 2018. With Google’s next update, they will become stricter with Black Hat SEO techniques.

Also, consider how your Anchor Texts while link building. Don’t build 1000 links with same Anchor texts. Doing so will indicate Google that someone is trying to game the system.

In fact, remember this one thumb of rule. Building thousands of backlinks of a webpage with same Anchor text will actually prevent that webpage from ranking higher.

SEO 2018: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Many of you may not be familiar with ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages‘ yet. However, this has already affected a lot of Website’s traffic and will continue to do so even more in 2018. Clearly, AMP is the future of SEO Optimization.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a collaboration effort between Google and a Gazillion notable publishing companies around the Globe. Its likely AMP may not even fit in with your current design or templates, requiring retooling your website layouts and elements to fit in with AMP’s guidelines.

Websites powered by AMP will give a major boost in their Search Engine Ranking on “Mobile Devices”. The thing about these Websites is that the webpage of these sites load super fast and gives the user a speedy navigation experience.

SEO 2018: Long Tail Keywords

With so much competition and increasing, SEO Optimization for Head Term Keywords is going to get even tougher. Hence, Businesses will strive to rank their website on Long Tail Keywords.

Long Tail Keywords will become easier for SEO Optimization in compared to Head Term Keywords. So, start preparing for the same or you may lose the war.

SEO 2018: The Future of SEO Optimization

Now you know some of the main challenges you will have to encounter in 2018. We will suggest you to start strategising according to the future updates to stay ahead in the game.

In a crux, make your content readable to the widest of the audience possible. Aim for the Flesch Score of 90-100. Refrain from directory submission on low Domain Authority websites. Focus on quality over quantity Link Building. Power your website with AMP, and focus on optimizing your future content on Long Tail Keywords.