Instagram Marketing

If Your Business Belongs To An Image Heavy Industry, Then Instagram Marketing Is Your Breakpoint

 Does your Business belongs to an Image heavy industry like Fashion Food, Fitness or Travel? If so, then Instagram Marketing is a must for your Business.

Note that, 75% of the Instagram users take actions, like visiting their website after looking at an attractive post.

Therefore, you are not just building your following for nothing, Instagram users take the time to visit your website if they find your images interesting enough.

At Maddova, our Social Media experts know how to interest,attract, engage and most importantly, how to retain the Instagram users. Only then will your prospects become your customers.

Maddova’s Instagram Marketing Strategies

 The internet is brimming with texts. Be it in the form of Blogs or Articles, there are just too many write-ups to be explored. Which is why the images stand out! Images have proven to have more engagement rate than texts. And, combine an image with text to output relevance and value to the users. This is how you’ll end up creating Fans all around.

That’s what we are the best at. We focus on engaging with the community by the means of storytelling.  We craft an exclusive Marketing Campaign based on your end goals and the industry you belong to. These marketing campaigns recite a story about your Brand on how your products/services are changing the lives of your customers.

There is a complete Branding procedure.

Instagram is also crucial for monitoring your audience’s feedbacks about your Brand and your Products. Since “more customers” is the goal, those feedbacks would prove to be of high value in order to understand your shortcomings and improve them.

Maddova- Your Instagram Marketing Specialists

 At Maddova, we have a dedicated team of Social Media Marketers who handle all the Instagram Marketing activities for your company. Our certified team of Digital Marketing experts know how to keep an audience magnetised.

The following points support the reason why Maddova is the best pick for you:

We have successfully delivered more than 100 Social Media Projects.

  1. Our team of Social Media Marketers have over 8 years of experience in handling different Social Media Channels for various companies.
  2. We emphasize on both aspects, generating ROI and Brand Advocacy.
  3. We have a dedicated team of Creative Designers and Social Media Marketers who are experts in developing Landing Views and Pages for Social Media Campaigns.
  4. We eat, sleep and breathe Marketing!