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Astin is providing function and technical consultancy for all available IBM Tivoli Maximo products. We have highly skilled established Maximo consultants with their own proven industry track records. This allows us the freedom to expand into industry areas of focus where we can rely on the existing skill sets and knowledge bases of our people.

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Astin Technology Pvt Ltd provides a broad range of consulting, training and support solutions to accelerate deployment and ensure success at all stages of implementation for the complete suite of IBM Tivoli@ IT integrated service management software.


IBM Business analysts are educated in the processes surrounding the creation of code. They are capable of solving problems. This means they have the skills which are necessary to look at data and other relevant information in order to determine where the losses are within a company.
Analytics helps enterprises transform by embedding information-based insights into every process, decision and action.


Security Systems provide security to the data, applications, client address and infrastructure. It redefines endpoint protection for advance threats. It gives user friendly solution that delivers policy based user and role management to the IT infrastructure. Depending on business needs, IBM Security systems provides alternatives we can use it to provision resources to authorized users. Alternatives are based on requests, roles, or a combination of requests and roles.


IT infrastructure refers to the composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment. It allows an organization to deliver IT solutions and services to its partners or customers and is usually internal to an organization and deployed within owned facilities.


Cloud Service” to refer to software, platforms and infrastructure that are sold “as a service”, i.e. remotely through the Internet. Typically, the seller has actual energy-consuming servers which host products and services from a remote location, so end-users don’t have to; they can simply log on to the network without installing anything.


Web sphere implements three tier architectures and transforms the old business into SOA. It is J2EE certified and used in middleware application.
IBM WebSphere refers to a brand of computer software products in the genre of enterprise software known as application and integration middleware. These software products are used by end-users to create applications and integrate applications with other applications. It works across all of its different operating systems and application. Web services are a way of gaining access to business function over the internet through programmatic interfaces enabled by HTTP and SOAP.


Astin defines Technical support as services by which enterprises provide assistance to users of technology products such as mobile phones, computers, software products, and in general, Astin technical support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with a software related products — which may include providing training, customization, maintenance, updations even enhancements. We deliver Technical Support by means over the telephone or online or by e-mail, live support software on a website or a tool where users can log a call/incident.


Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy which is used to staff a project and respond to business objectives. The technique consists of evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required. One possible advantage of this approach is that it may leverage existing resources as well as utilize outsourced services and contract workers.


Astin Technology Pvt Ltd is providing solution’s, functional and technical consultancy for all available IBM Tivoli Products. We have highly skilled established architects,SME’s,developers and consultants with their own proven industry track records. This allows us the freedom to expand into industry areas of focus where we can rely on the existing skill sets and knowledge bases of our people.

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