How To Use Twitter for Business in 2018

Whether you want to reach out to a mass audience or just an individual, Twitter is an excellent platform! You may be wondering how to use Twitter for Business and that’s what I will be walking you through in this section.

How to use twitter for business in 2018

If your Business doesn’t have an account on Twitter yet, now is the time to make one. As a matter of fact, just adding the URL of your website in the “Bio” section and “Website” section will improve your SEO ranking (by a little in the beginning).

Google uses Twitter activity in their Algorithm. While it may not be as strong as other social networks, you can still use Twitter to build your overall SEO strength.


How To Use Twitter For Organic Business Growth

How to use twitter for business in 2018Mix up your tweets with relevant and informative content about your industry. Aim for a maximum of 12 tweets per day. This will keep your Business in front of your audience. To begin with, You can send 6 informative tweets about your industry. And, you can use other 6 tweets to participate in conversations.

Now, I understand you don’t have all day to send so many tweets. Therefore, you can use some of the Social Media Marketing Tools to schedule tweets for the whole day at ones.

Include a Tweet this page link on every blog post on your website to encourage site visitors to tweet your webpage.

Engage the Influencers- There are many influencers from all sorts of industries. There are various reasons why you should constantly try to engage these influencers. The biggest of them being that they already have a huge number of following and by engaging them, you will get much more exposure. You can use Audiense to easily find the influencers in your industry.

Use Hashtags effectively- I know how bad do you want impressions and engagements on your Tweets. That’s why you try to squeeze every possible hashtag you can think of. However, did you know that using more hashtags actually reduces your engagement? Using various Hashtags will only bring you more impressions.

With that being said, we recommend you stick with using 1 or 2 relevant hashtags with each tweet. You can use RiteTag to figure out which hashtag you should be using.

Lookout for Keyword Mentions- This is one of the most important “How To Use Twitter for Business” recommendation.  This method will help you in generating more Business from your Twitter profile.

What you need to do here is use a tool called TweetDeck where you set a search column. You need to use this search column to find and pitch people who are looking for products or services you offer. For example, if you are Mobile App Development company, you can set a search column for “Mobile App Development Recommendation”. That will list out all the tweets with the phrase “Mobile App Development Recommendation” in real time.

Then you the drill. Tweet them back and pitch the prospect.

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How To Use Twitter For Business- 5 Tips for writing an effective Twitter Ad Copy

I am going to let down some principles for you to follow which will help you in writing an effective Twitter ad copy. However, I will recommend that before you start running ads, you must familiarise with how to use Twitter. You must also have increased some tweet counts and participated in conversations for a better understanding.

How to use twitter for business in 2018

Emphasize Urgency- Give people a reason to take immediate action. Make your offer available for a short period of time, show that your supply is limited. Try using phrases like “For a Limited Time Only”, “Limited Stock”, etc.

Mention Discount by Percentage- In our analysis, we have noticed that people click more on tweets that express discount in percentage instead of amount. Look for yourself, 20% off sounds more than $5 off. Isn’t it?

People love “Free”- You must’ve noticed a lot of marketing campaigns using the word “free” just to make their audience click on their ad. However, that’s not what I am asking you to do because running advertisements are less about Cost Per Click(CPC) and more about Cost Per Acquisition(CPA). So, what I am asking you to do is to actually give people something for free. It can be as little as a 10-page free ebook. Just make sure that whatever you’re giving is relevant to your industry and has something of value to offer to your audience.

Avoid Distracting Hashtags- Hashtags link to all the other mentions of that phrase and are useful when you’re focused on engagements. But, if your goal is for people to go to your website or follow your account, you won’t want to risk someone clicking on a hashtag instead of your CTA.

Ask a Question- Asking a question makes people feel like they are a part of something. It can compel them to engage with your Twitter account which is exactly what you want.

How To Use Twitter For Business- Conclusion

The aforementioned methods and tips are a great starting point. Now, here is a catch, a screwdriver works only if you grab it and put it to use. So don’t let the knowledge sit in your head. Grab it and start applying them to grow your Business. 2018 is going to be yet another year in the Digital Revolution. Therefore, make sure you are using every ounce of an opportunity and knowledge to establish your Business in the market. Why? Because future is definitely going to be crowded.

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