Google Algorithm Updates 2018 – 2019

Most Commonly used Search Engine by Google is gaining intelligence day by day. Having said that, the intelligence so gained will, at the end benefit the user who types in a query. The search engine is Google’s most used product with 3.5 billion searches on a daily basis. The results shown to an end user are an output of the Google Search Algorithm.
Studies found that a major update in Google’s Algorithm changes the working of SEO professionals by 35%! It is perceived as worry-some by some but a challenge by many. It surely is an opportunity for SEOers to tap an all-new customer base. They need only keep their cool and keenly analyse the update.
The layout of rules used by Google for SERP assigning a rank to a certain page for a given query.

The algorithm treats a query on the grounds of:-
Local Search
Generic Search
Vertical Search
Mobile Search

Google minorly updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year with major updates coming every once in a while.

Visible Impacts

SEOers have updated or slightly altered their practices with every major update in the Google algorithm.
Good content complemented by quality backlinks may no longer be enough. Google Hummingbird now chases the meaning behind the keywords typed in the search bar before matching it to those on a website.
With the update, Google made it crystal clear that the end user experience was of more importance to them. Talking about content, treat it like your product! The main function of a product is to satisfy the need/want/problem of a human. Optimize the quality of your on-page content that it best caters to one of the above.
It has only become possible after Hummingbird that you see direct answers in BOLD. Quoting an example, if you type in “how many Google searches per day”. Had it not been a part of Hummingbird, users would have seen a number of links directing him/her to the answer.

What Google Said

Just like Hummingbird Google announces updates at various press events. It is the latest update, was announced during September 2013, having already tested the update for about a month. Amit Singhal, the “then search” chief at Google said that it was the most substantial update released since 2001. He said that the update would focus on the context of a keyword before matching it with that on a website. He added that it strengthened long-tail keywords which resulted in reforming not just the keywords but the content as well.

Below are the top techniques a SEOer could use:

What To Target?

In-Depth Coverage to Improve Targeting
Seo is on a continual evolvement and with it comes the need to change. Keyword research is of utmost importance to any beginner. Finding keywords with high search volumes and low competition is not required anymore. The context of the keyword holds more importance with respect to the topic wherein it is being used.

Improve Mobile Site Speed
Google announced that it would make the search results more centered on the site speed in 2010. With an alarming increase in the number of Google users on mobiles, it is going to update the algorithm regarding the mobile site speed in July 2018. Think With Google is a tool which tells you how fast your website loads on a mobile platform. Excelling in this area will not only advance in the rankings but also lead to better conversions.

Google Search Console
A high Click Through Rate means your content/ad is engaging enough. Improving CTR is evidently, a great investment for future. The data metrics provided by Google Search Console or Tableau tell you about the performance of various keywords you are targeting.

Re-optimising Existing Content
If you have a website on which blogs are posted with a high frequency, forgetting about the articles in-store is a problem! Instead, include content audits every now and then. It basically means, editing, merging and removing different articles.
Every business wishes to make a profit, right? Obviously, be it in any form, monetary or perceptive. Use the above techniques to excel through Q1 & Q2 of 2018.

Call to Action

Buy/Add to Cart
Read More
Try it Now

are a few examples of what Call to Action buttons look like. It is an appeal to the user urging him/her to respond. A CTA when successful results in a conversion. The placement of your CTA is critical. It could be present in the hello bar, a pop-up, side panel, purchase page, in ads, etc.
They shall be recognisable and well-design.

Just remember that SEO constantly changes. It changes every month if not a week. Work on a quality content, expertise in the above-mentioned techniques, especially mobile speed. Review the Google Algorithm at least every week in order to stay ahead of your competition.