App Downloads

After a few app launches of our own, observing many more, talking with several app developers and testing cool services, we have a pretty really good idea of what can be done to make an app a success.

We provide you with a detailed app marketing plan which includes a step-by-step approach to launch, promote and monetize your app by outlining competitive landscape, audience profile, users’ expectations and structuring market opportunities and challenges. We will help you choose the right path for continued  growth of your mobile business.

  • Android App Rating & Reviews
  • Incent/Non-Incent Mobile App Downloads
  • Organic Growth in Playstore app Listing
  • Branding- CPC Media Campaigns

Many companies have been dealing with the uncertainty of what approach to take in order to effectively grow their user base and monetize their business. At Maddova we see this as a major goal for an app owner to bring together all of the puzzle pieces in order to develop a solid app marketing strategy.