8 Best SEO Tools Most Used By Bloggers And Marketers in 2019

Without search engine optimization, it becomes tough for any business to survive the competition in this age of cutthroat competition. With the increase in internet traffic promoting brands and products through SEO 2019 will be a significant tool to stay on the top of the search engine list
The Best Tools
One can get many tools, but not all are as good as they are claimed and listed below are some of the best SEO tools India that needs to be used by bloggers and marketers in 2019.

Google Keyword Planner

To use this keyword, one needs to create a Google Adwords account. After creating the account type the keyword that you need and the Google Keyword Planner will pop up a list that is based on relevance or show you some advertising predicting the average searches per month, level of competition and the top page bid. It will help a blogger or a marketeer to have an overall idea and use the perfect keywords to stay in the race. One can specify the location, add filters, and even date ranges to get the latest trends in keywords for a particular segment.


• SEMrush
With SEMrush by your side that will research the perfect keyword for you and promote you, the tensions of being noticed are over. It is trusted by the internet marketeers throughout the world and is very popular with the Indian agencies. One can track the errors or create the report on their own. You can get the backlinks, ideas, latest trends, and position tracking and even comparing domain versus domain. You can monitor your brand, get organic traffic insights and know the keyword level difficulty. One can avail the monthly or the annual plan and subscribe accordingly.



• Unamo 

With Unamo you will not only be able to do your SEO but can also monitor the social media as well as optimize the conversation rate. One can split the multiple engines across different domains to get better control over the users. You will be positioned better setting up numerous campaigns through a single domain and monitor different pages. You will be even able to get the mobile rankings and be able to view the results of the keywords one is monitoring while using or thinking to use.



• Ninja Outreach
If you are a blogger or digital marketeer you need to build the link or generate leads to stay on the top of the list. You can do this with automated emails the schedule of which can be fixed, manage your major campaigns and market influencers through the built-in CRM and many more. You can avail all the social media influencers as well as scalable outreach tools through this software. The pricing varies on the number of services you want to take.


• Google Mobile-Friendly Test
With this, you can easily make out how best is your website for the mobile and take the corrective measures. With more and more internet traffic building up through mobile phones as they have gone smart it is time for you to go smart to stay on the top of the list. It has become one of the vital SEO tools for marketeers to check the content errors like the width, text sizes, viewport plug-in supports and many more critical issues to make the website mobile friendly and get the most traffic.



• Google Webmaster Console
If you want to be noticed in the considerable web-world, then this tool is going to be a big hit and become best SEO tools India in the year 2019. It helps to give you information about your site or application, track the site performances in the search results and suggest and fix errors to increase the visibility while one is searching with a particular keyword. With Google by your side, you get alerted as soon as any error is observed so that you can fix it without delay.



• GTMetrix
Speed is going to be more challenging for all businesses, and many bloggers and marketeers have already started preparing for that. GTmterix is going to be the best SEO 2019 application and software that enables to increase the page speed, gives the page load details like the time, number of visits or the size and other analysis and provides a real-time page analysis. You can even analyze your page through a mobile phone. There are basic versions as well as many paid plans, and one can choose according to the need.


• Woo Rank
More and more bloggers and marketeers are using this SEO tool to analyze their website, and it has become one of the most popular instant checker as well as SEO audit tool. The users are getting the keyword tools through which monitoring can be done by keyword tracking, getting information on volume and ranking and keyword competitors.


The above is the list of 8 best SEO tools bloggers and marketers are already using, and these tools are going to be in high demand in the year 2019. Indeed, the SEO tools for marketeers are becoming a key factor to improve the search ranking and stay ahead of others on the list.