Top 4 Ad Copywriting Tips for Perfect Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Copywriting Tips for Perfect Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Since you are reading this Article, I presume you already understand the importance of Search Engine Marketing Strategies for running effective PPC advertisement campaigns. Are you using high Google Search Keywords and still

not converting well? Let me help you


Search Engine Marketing is one of the core Digital Marketing methods that usually aims to bring you more Business. I believe that Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertisements are more ROI centric, unlike Search Engine Optimization(SEO), which is more inclined towards Brand building and promotion.

Obviously, if you’re not strategic towards advertisements, you will lose a lot of money in running hit and trial campaigns, and that’s not what you want for your Business. You want your Business to grow and flourish.

Hence, in this Article, I am going to give you 4 Ad Copywriting tips that will boost the Click-Through-Rate(CTR) of your PPC Ad Campaigns.

Note- Whether or not you are successfully able to make a sale, depends a lot on your Landing Page. Even if you have a very compelling Advertisement super focused on high Google Search Keywords, you will not be able to make a sale if your Landing Page looks batshit crazy.

Let’s get started!

Focus on the visitor’s Objectives

I never clicked an ad because I thought it looks cool, I always clicked an ad because I thought “Well, maybe this will solve my problem”. So you see, you need to problem centric.

When writing your ad copy, you need to focus on the visitor’s early and end objectives. You heard it right! You need to focus on their early objectives and end objectives. What do I mean by that?

Well, I want to renovate my living room and I just searched on Google about the best colour contrasts for a perfect living room. While my early objective here is to get some inspiration in regards to the colour combinations or contrasts for my living room, my end objective is to renovate it.

If I see an Ad which offers me room renovation at lower cost, while I click on that ad? Maybe, but if the ad focuses on the information of a perfect interior colour for my living room(early objectives) while also displaying themselves as a vendor who provides the same service(end objectives), I will definitely click on this ad.

Do some Google Search Keywords Research and try to figure out what sort of information your Target Market is looking for, then create an ad copy that focuses on providing those pieces of information while also displaying yourself as the Vendor of that domain.

Include this principle in your Search Engine Marketing Strategies and your ad will convert much better.

Google Search KeywordsImportant Search Engine Marketing Strategies: Statistics and Numbers for the Win

Google wants you to be direct and upfront with its users. They want their users to be able to find their answers immediately when they ask their query on Google Search Engine.

In short, Google wants you to include Numbers and Statistics in your ad copies! Why? Because by doing so, you are already making your ad more clear to your audience.

Prefer to use these numbers and/or statistics in your headlines, that works better. You are sure to increase the quality score of your PPC Ad by putting this principle into practice.

What sort of number should I include in my Ad?

  1. Discounts
  2. Ratio
  3. Facts (Statistics)
  4. Price
  5. Date

And everything you can think of. The above mentioned are just examples to get you into gear. Take note that no matter how much high Google Search Keywords you are using for your ad copy, the ad displaying Statistics and Numbers will always have an edge.

Emotions are Powerful

Putting in emotions into your PPC Advertisements can be both hard and difficult. However, a well-incorporated advertisement with emotional triggers can be the deciding factor for the Search Engine’s user clicking your ad. If you’re doing everything right, you can include this tactic in your Search Engine Marketing Strategies and improve your CTR even further.

Let’s have a look at this PPC Ad-

Do you notice how it triggers a sense of strong emotion? Also, take notes on how this ad is also emphasizing on its primary benefit. That is, that the Wives can simply enter their Husband’s email IDs and can figure out whether or not their Husband has been cheating on her (Poor Soul).

Therefore, while preparing your next ad copy, consider the following emotions and see if you can use any of these to your benefit:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Disgust
  • Affirmation
  • Humor
  • Joy
  • Surprise

Google Search Keywords and Everything is Nice, But What’s The Benefit?

A user is browsing through Search Engine so that he can find the answer to his solution. He doesn’t care how big your company is, he selfishly cares only about one thing, that is the solution to his problem!

That’s why, before you follow any of the best practices of PPC Advertisements, you need to keep in mind the value you are providing to your audience. And, frame your Ad around that.

Now, many times, you will not be able to generate as much CTR even though you have clearly mentioned the benefit to your audience, that’s where the best practices come into play. You see, making your audience aware of your benefit is one thing, and how you portray them is another.

Now you’re thinking straight, it’s about how you are portraying the benefits provided by your Business to your audience. That’s where the role of including Statistics and Numbers come into play. That’s why you need to include emotions in your advertisements.


You don’t write a PPC Ad, you craft it!

And know that even a not very worked on PPC Ad can covert decent. But, crafting a good PPC Campaign convert better, and crafting a good PPC Ad takes time and effort.

With that, I leave you with these 4 thoughtful Search Engine Marketing strategies which will definitely help you boost your CTR when done in the right way.

Until next time.