Why you need App Store Optimization ?  


4 Essential Strategy to Justify App Store Optimization (ASO) Effort:


You know that App Store Optimization can really work well, in order to acquire quality user. if you put your strategies aligned to do it right. But not everyone knows this.

In our experience, sometimes it can be difficult to explain the value of ASO to the people in charge. So if you are in this situation, we’ll show you a strategy that can help you win them over to your side.

This Maddova blog post is for you if:

  • You are an employee at a company looking to make a big contribution and cannot get the green signal on including ASO in your marketing plan either by in-house team or outsource to ASO company
  • You are an ASO consultant and need some strategies for convincing potential App product clients that ASO really could help them.

Why Companies Require ASO Justification:

We typically faced opposing situation within 3 type of companies :

  • A large funded Start-up company, who takes count over per day paid install and their paid acquisition strategy is already working well for their core KPI metric to define app promotion growth.
  • Scratch Product Start-up Company, where money is very tight and even the smallest spend or project is too expensive to afford if its not delivering prompt installs or ROI.
  • A company where management doesn’t have a marketing mindset or marketing is not on the priority list.

Stick to the ASO essential checklist to prove your point :

1- Google Play & App Store Stats Speaks:


This one is pretty obvious, but if you haven’t done this already, here’s a list of stats that you need to include, to back up your proposal.

They are pretty compelling, but that isn’t always enough. Many times, you have to show a little more proof. That’s where case studies comes in and play the major learning role in growth roadmap .


2- Show App Growth Case Studies & Expert Opinion

When you are building your App growth cases for doing ASO, it helps to show specific examples of what people did to achieve it.

Here are a few of our favorite examples:

Of course, it helps to present case studies that are as close to your company’s situation as possible. You can even take it one step further and talk to different ASO experts to lend further credibility to your case. Pay them to do an ASO audit or just get some ideas from them on how you can improve your app’s ASO.

3- Realistic & Timely Commitment :

In our “growth hacking” world, some managers think that ASO is something that should start working in a week.

The reality is that you need at least 3 weeks time to run one test!

Even then, that test might not work. You and I understand that…but others may not.

So always give yourself plenty of time to start to show results. About 4-6 months is ideal, but consider asking for more if you are new ASO.


One of the biggest fears of your stakeholders is that this will turn into a “black hole project” and will be a huge waste of time and money.

If you want your clients to commit to your ASO project, you also have to take responsibility for the outcome. Consider hiring an outside consultant if you realistically don’t have the time.


4- Define right KPI Metrics:

Like with any other project, tracking the right KPIs is going to be vital. Luckily, with ASO it’s pretty straightforward. There are three basic metrics to track:

  • Downloads
  • Revenue
  • Conversion rate

Talk about which one, or ones, are the most important to the company and focus on those. I would suggest you to commit tracking and improving the target metric(s).





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