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Our team is built around industry experts and talented, tech savvy promotional specialists.
Many of our team members have worked in the mobile marketplace since its initial boom more than three years ago, and we make it a point to constantly recruit newly emergent talents throughout the mobile marketplace to join our ranks. Provide app store optimization service for you to have top rank app.

Professional Team

We are innovators in app strategy, marketing and monetization. Our goal is to assist developers and app owners in succeeding in the business of apps.

Crafted Approach

Thought and strategy are the first steps to any project at Maddova. We take the time to gain insight into our client’s objectives and desired outcomes.

Excelling Each Time

Maddova believes that relationships are built on trust and for every project to bear fruitful results, the constant factors of support and trust are vital.

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Mobile App Marketing

We provide you with a detailed app marketing plan which includes a step-by-step approach to launch, promote and monetize your app ..

App Store Optimization

We help you create a visually appealing landing page with the right content and search-optimized app description. It’ll give you ..

Search Engine Optimization

maddova offers specialised SEO services to ensure that your business increases its visibility, revenue, ranking and brand awareness. .

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best platform to target large amount of audience within minutes. It’s not only a time saving technique also it helps us ..

Website Design

Maddova, a leading Web Design and Development Company, is where your search will end and you will walk out with a modern website ..

Mobile Apps

Maddova offers comprehensive mobility solutions, developing customized mobile and tablet apps catering to unique requirements ..

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For us, each of our projects is a gateway to further augment our potential, achieve new breakthroughs and get a favorable tilt in the customer satisfaction index.

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What Your Benefits ?

Develop a strong and enviable online presence for your brand and make the best of the latest web technologies

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Advertise via Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Ads to boost your traffic and sales

Digital Analytics

Monitor your performance through Custom dashboards

Video Ads

Advertise on You Tube to stay ahead of your competitors

Qualitative Optimization

Our intuitive algorithms optimize with performance data, not arbitrary rules.

Personalized Ads

We will be simultaneously promoting various audiences

Intent Based Optimization

Discerns customer intentions by coupling psychographic and demographic information

Our Partners

Maddova believes that relationships are built on trust and for every project to bear fruitful results, the constant factors of support and trust are vital. We forge not just partnerships but alliances with our customers firmly believing that our victory lies in theirs.

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